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Juan Lopez Cigars - Cuban cigars

Juan Lopez cigar brand label - Cuban cigars

The Juan Lopez cigar brand is an old Cuban cigar brand that was established in 1876 by Juan Lopez Diaz and was first called La Flor de Juan Lopez. Before the Cuban Revolution the brand was once a very popular premium Cuban brand that was widely produced.

Today the brand stands as one of Habanos S.A.'s local cigar brands with a minor market share. Although the brand isn't as widely produced as it once was and the range of cigar sizes is limited, these medium to full-flavored cigars are sought after by many connoisseurs who enjoy a fine cigar.

There is also a Juan Lopez brand with the same name that is handmade in Nicaragua. These Nicaraguan Juan Lopez cigars are produced by Altadis and are also of good quality.

Sizes in the line of Juan Lopez Cuban Cigars

The line of Juan Lopez Cuban cigars currently consists of three cigar sizes in regular production and consist of a rich blend of tobacco leaves from the famed Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba. See below for a list of sizes in the brand.

Juan Lopez Selection No.2     Size: 4-7/8" (124 mm) X 50
Juan Lopez Cigar Brand - Selection No. 2 cigar - Cuban Cigars

Juan Lopez Petit Coronas     Size: 5-1/8" (129 mm) X 42
Juan Lopez Cigar Brand - Petit Corona cigar - Cuban Cigars

Juan Lopez Selection No.1     Size: 5-3/5" (143 mm) X 46
Juan Lopez Cigar Brand - Selection No. 1 cigar - Cuban Cigars

Recently Discontinued Sizes

Juan Lopez Panetelas Superba     Size: 4-7/8" (125 mm) X 34 - Discontinued 2006
Juan Lopez Cigar Brand - Panetelas Superba cigar - Cuban Cigars

Juan Lopez Coronas     Size: 5-3/5" (142 mm) X 42 - Discontinued 2006
Juan Lopez Cigar Brand - Coronas cigar - Cuban Cigars

History of the Juan Lopez Cigar Brand

In the 1870s, Juan Lopez Diaz established a cigar factory in Havana, Cuba and his brand La Flor de Juan Lopez was created in 1876. Juan Lopez Diaz, who was a connoisseur of fine cigars used only the finest tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba and by the turn of the century the brand had developed a solid reputation and had a devoted following.

Juan Lopez died in the early 1900s, but his brand of cigars that carried his name lived on after the brand was purchased by a tobacco company named, Cosme del Peso y Cia. They continued to own the brand up until the Cuban Revolution and had much success with the brand, where it was one of the top selling Cuban cigar brands up until Fidel Castro came into power.

Following the Cuban-Revolution and when Fidel Castro came into power, the brand was taken over by the Cuban government when the Cuban cigar industry was nationalized in the 1960s, where all Cuban cigar brands became the property of the Cuban government.

After the government took control of the cigar industry in Cuba, the government run Cubatobacco continued production of the Juan Lopez brand in Cuba. However, for unknown reasons the Juan Lopez cigars declined in popularity by the late 1970s and by the late 1980s the brand became a minor brand in the Cuban cigar industry.

Today, the Juan Lopez cigar brand is the name of two cigar brands, one produced in Cuba for the Cuban state-owned tobacco company Habanos SA and the other produced in Nicaragua by Altadis USA Inc.

The Nicaraguan Juan Lopez cigar brand was made as a result of the nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry and is marketed for the the American market. These are the only legal "Juan Lopez cigars" that can be sold in the United States due to the trade embrago with Cuba.

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