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Jose L. Piedra Cigars


Length/Inches (mm)

    Ring Gauge

Petit Cazadores4-1/8" (105 mm)43
Petit Cetros5" (127 mm)38
Brevas5-1/5" (133 mm)42
Nacionales5-1/3" (134 mm)42
Cremas5-2/5" (136 mm)40
Conservas5-1/2" (140 mm)44
Cazadores6" (152 mm)43

About the Jose L. Piedra cigar brand:

The Jose L Piedra cigar brand is one of the more unique brands of Cuban cigars. The cigars in the brand are made with tobacco leaf grown exclusively in the Vuelta Arriba region of Cuba (most brands use tobacco from Vuelta Abajo).

The brand was first established by two brothers, Vicente and Jose Piedra in the late 1880's, who emigrated from Spain to Cuba. They soon developed several sizes of cigars made with a blend of tobaccos from the Vuelta Arriba region that quickly became popular among cigar smokers.

After the cigar industry was nationalized in Cuba and the trade embargo that the United States enacted with Cuba in the early 1960s, the brand slowly dwindled in popularity, and was actually discontinued in the early 1990s by the Government run Habanos S.A.

The brand was later reinstated in 1996 with a blend that is said to closely match the original blend created by its founders over 100 years ago and soon once again became popular among the domestic market in Cuba.

Today, Jose L. Piedra cigars are now classified by Habanos S.A. as a Global brand, which are sold both domestically and internationally. Jose L Piedras are known for their strong tobacco flavor, simple packaging and it offers a great value being one of the least expensive cigars to come from Cuba.

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