Cigar Smoking 101

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Click on one of the links below to learn about the basics of cigars. New articles are added all the time, so check back soon to see more additions to our Cigar Smoking 101 page.

After checking out these articles below, check out our Cigar Facts page for more cigar 101 education and read articles about cigar anatomy, sizes, wrappers, flavors, terms, history, & more.

How to Cut a Cigar
How to Cut a Cigar

Know the basic on how to cut a cigar, the different cigar cutting tools and other tools & techniques for cutting a cigar. Also, see a how to cut a cigar video.

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How to Light a Cigar - Lighting a cigar
Lighting a Cigar

Once you have cut off the end of the cigar the next step is to light it. There are proper techniques on lighting your cigar so that it burns right and there are special lighters used for cigars.

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Cigars For Beginners

For the vast majority, those new to cigars should begin with brands that are considered mild-to-medium, and slowly work up to stronger, full-bodied cigars. See the list of some great cigars for the beginner cigar smoker.

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Cigar Smoking Etiquette
Cigar Smoking Etiquette

Should you cut and light someone else's cigar for them? Learn about the cigar smoking etiquettes in the world of cigars.

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Cigar care & storing
Cigar Care & Storing Cigars

Cigars need to be kept in a relatively humid environment. If not, the natural oils in the cigar will dry out, resulting in a unpleasant, bitter-tasting cigar. This is where a humidor comes in handy.

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How to Smoke A Cigar - Woman Smoking a Cigar
How to Smoke a Cigar

Learn how to smoke a cigar and the basics on cigar smoking 101 for beginners. Also, great tips you should know in order to enjoy the fine pleasure of cigars.

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Cigar Anatomy - Anatomy of a cigar
Anatomy of a Cigar

Cigars consist of the filler, binder and wrapper. Learn about the anatomy of a cigar, it's structure and what makes up a cigar.

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Cigar Anatomy - Anatomy of a cigar
Cigar Facts

More Cigars 101 education. Get more cigar education by reading some facts on cigar anatomy, sizes, wrappers, flavors, terms, history, & more.

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