Cigar Facts & Cigar Information Guide

Welcome to our Cigar Facts & Cigars 101 Education page.

This page provides facts on cigars and education to help increase your cigar knowledge with articles on cigar anatomy, terms, sizes, wrappers, flavors, history, & more.

Learning some cigar facts and what makes up a cigar will give you a better understanding and appreciation of cigars, so read some of these articles and the next time you are smoking a cigar you can share some of your newfound knowledge on cigars.

Cigar Anatomy - Anatomy of a cigar
Anatomy of a Cigar

Cigars consist of the filler, binder and wrapper. Learn about the anatomy of a cigar, it's structure and what makes up a cigar.

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Cigar Terms - Cigar dictionary
Cigar Terms

Learn some cigar terms in our Cigar Glossary. Also, find cigar taste terms and many other terms of the cigar world.

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Cigar Sizes
Cigars Sizes

Cigar information guide and facts on cigar sizes. Learn all about cigar shapes, cigar ring sizes, length and much more. Also, find a cigar size chart for your reference.

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Cigar Wrappers
Cigar Wrappers

Where does the cigar wrapper come from? This article explains what a cigar wrapper is, where it come from, why it comes in many different colors and the seven basic colors cigar wrappers come in.

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Cigar Flavors
Cigar Flavors

What part of the cigar makes up most of it's flavor? A look at cigar flavors & tastes, and the different elements that contribute to a cigar's flavor.

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Cigar aging - aging cigars
Aging of Cigars

Information on cigar aging and maturing. Learn about the basics on aging cigars and how to bring out the best flavors in your smoke.

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Cigar aging - aging cigars
Cigar Countries

A list of cigar countries that produce cigars. Learn about the different cigar producing nations and find a list of cigar brands made in that country.

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Cigar History - History of cigars
History of Cigars

Learn about the history of cigars, its origins, Cuban Cigar history and other interesting historical facts on cigars.

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