Cameroon Cigars

In the cigar industry, Cameroon is known for its top-quality cigar wrapper that is produced in this African country and is used on many popular cigar brands, such as Arturo Fuente, Ashton, H. Upmann and among others.

Cameroon is located on the central-west coast of Africa. Most of the tobacco plantations are located in the eastern part of Cameroon and there are also tobacco plantations just across the border in the western section in the country of the Central African Republic.

Cameroon, Africa tobacco growing region - Cameroon cigar industry

Both countries grow a tobacco derived from Sumatran-seed, which is a Sumatra tobacco seed originating from Indonesia and has thrived in Cameroon and the neighboring Central African Republic. The Cameroon cigar wrapper is used by many cigar producers in the Caribbean and Central America.

Cameroon produces a unique wrapper leaf that is green-brown to dark-brown in color and is recognized by its distinct grain that is often referred to as "toothy." The Cameroon wrapper leaf makes an ideal wrapper for cigars that have full-flavored filler tobaccos because of the leaf's neutral flavor.

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