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Cigar Specs
Name Of Cigar: Bolivar Coronas Junior
Made In: Cuba
Cigar Length: 4-1/3 inches (110 mm)
Ring Gauge: 42
Shape: Petit Corona
Manufactured: Handmade Cuban cigar

The Bolivar Coronas Junior is a Cuban cigar in the Bolivar brand. This cigar is a pre-1960s release (prior to the nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry). Like the rest of the cigars in the Bolivar brand, this cigar is full-bodied and is hand rolled with premium tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba.

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Corona Junior     Size: 4-1/3" (110 mm) X 42
Bolivar Corona Junior cigar - Cuban Bolivar Cigars

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Cuban review in brief. Belicoso pyramide is an excellent option lovely aroma, variable taste and decent smoke rate. This model burns beautifully and …

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Quintero Nationales Not rated yet
Although I only paid €42.00 here in Malta and you get what you pay for. I was disappointed with the smoke, burning too quickly and with lots of smoke. …

Quintero Brevas Not rated yet
I have just purchased a supply of 25 of Quintero Brevas cigars here in Malta for the sum of €35.80 (£32.00) These were supplied in a foil wrap bundle within …

Romeo Number 3 - Tubos Not rated yet
I think that this a good cigar having purchased more than 2 boxes of 25. It is not the best cigar I have smoked but it will do. Date on the box was June …

H. Upmann Coronas Major Not rated yet
I bought some H. Upmann Coronas Major cigars here in Malta cheaply since the date shown on the box was March 2003. These had the old brown label so I did …

Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Not rated yet
Having bought these at Dubai Duty Free last year on the recommendation of the sales person, I was not disappointed in the first smoke I had. Admittedly …

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I love these cigars,,,,,I can't say anymore than that,,,,,They are the best in my book.

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The best cigar I have ever smoked. Smooth and mild and great tasting.

Jose L Piedra Breva Not rated yet
The Jose L. Piedra Breva is cheap for a Cuban cigar, and very good.

A box of 5 @ $19.50 here in Canada.

The burn is usually very good - may have to relight …

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