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Belinda Cigars - Cuban cigars

Belinda Cigar cigar brand label - Honduran Cigars

The Belinda brand has its origins in Cuba, while Cuban Belinda cigars are primarily machine-made cigars, the non-Cuban version of Belinda cigars are handmade in Honduras.

Honduran Belinda cigars were developed by famous cigar maker Estelo Padron and are medium-bodied smokes. The cigars contain an Ecuador Sumatran tobacco wrapper and tobacco grown from Honduras used for the binder and filler.

Belinda cigars also come in another line, called Belinda Black. Belinda Black cigars are medium to full-bodied smokes and feature a dark Medio Tiempo wrapper leaf from the Connecticut River Valley and Honduran tobacco for the binder and filler.

Sizes in the line of Honduran Belinda Cigars

Honduran Belinda Cigars



Ring Gauge

Epicure No. 5 (Cedar Wrap)550
Cubanos (Cedar Wrap)5.6546
Exquisito (Cedar Wrap)650
Spanish Twist6.2043
Prominente (Cedar Wrap)750
1835 (Cedar Wrap)7.2546

Epicure No. 5     Size: 5 X 50
Belinda Cigars - Epicure No. 5 cigar - Honduran Cigars

Cubanos (Cedar Wrap)     Size: 5.65 X 46
Belinda Cigars - Cubanos cigar - Honduran Cigars

Exquisito (Cedar Wrap)     Size: 6 X 50
Belinda Cigars - Exquisito cigar - Honduran Cigars

Spanish Twist     Size: 6.20 X 43
Belinda Cigars - Spanish Twist cigar - Honduran Cigars

Prominente (Cedar Wrap)     Size: 7 X 50
Belinda Cigars - Prominente cigar - Honduran Cigars

1835 (Cedar Wrap)     Size: 7.25 X 46
Belinda Cigars - 1835 cigar - Honduran Cigars

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